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Restoration of Beech Avenues at Park Nook

In March planting of 54 beech trees in the North and South Avenues has been completed. And the result is spectacular - the North Avenue (phase 1) now defined and the South Avenue (phase 2) opened up. I have produced an as planted drawing for phase 1 and phase 2. The ruts have at last been levelled in both Avenues. The next thing to do will be chipping the two vast brash piles; followed by rut levelling; measure the Rond Point; plot the three concentric rings; and peg out the planting stations.

To achieve what we have done so far has involved the main forestry operation of felling mature trees growing within the Avenues and either side of the East and West rows of both Avenues. Brash has been cleared from the felling areas to reveal the Avenues ready for planting and now that spring has sprung the ground will begin to dry out, and grass will grow.


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